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Filipinos care about jobs, energy, Shell says

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About nine of 10 Filipinos are as concerned about energy prices and future energy demand as they are with employment and education, according to a survey commissioned by the Shell Companies in the Philippines.



In an initial statement about the research called the “Future Energy Survey”, which will be officially released next week, Shell said that employment was a concern for 97 percent of Filipinos, followed by public education (96 percent) and pollution of the environment (95 percent).


Energy prices (90 percent) and future energy needs (89 percent) were also among the top concerns.


On future needs, higher energy prices (93 percent), food shortages (91 percent), as well as energy (90 percent percent) and water shortages (88 percent) were seen as having the greatest impact on the country in the future, Shell said.


Solar energy (74 percent), hydropower (46 percent), wind power (47 percent) and natural gas (23 percent) were among the most preferred future energy sources among survey respondents.


It is estimated that by 2030, the world will need 40 percent to 50 percent more energy, water, and food to keep up with rising demand and increased population growth, according to various studies such as that of the United Nations and Shell. This could place significant stress on these intertwined resources: energy is used to move and treat water; water is required to produce energy; and both energy and water are required in the production of food.


“Many Filipinos are aware of these issues and the role they can play,” Shell said. (Philippine Daily Inquirer

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