Singapore importing Davao Durian

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Davao City -- Export of Philippine fruits has achieved another milestone with locally produced Durian making its way to the Singaporean market.


After long years of waiting, Davao’s exotic fruit has finally found its way to the international market through a Singaporean buyer, announced the Department of Agriculture Region-11 office (DA-11).

Larry Miculob, a durian farmer, recently shipped 25 boxes – 200 pieces at eight pieces per box, or approximately 500 kilograms of fresh durian to Singapore, coinciding with the peak season of durian harvests here.

Three to four years ago, Miculob said durian was exported to China. But it stopped over packaging concerns as well as the fruit’s smell and taste.

DA-11 admitted there is a need to educate people in other countries on the extraordinary characteristic of durian to appreciate it as an exotic fruit, including its nutritional value.

Though, Miculob has earned a mark for the Davao fruit, both he and DA-11 are waiting for the assessment of his first shipment on how durian would play in Singapore market, its acceptability, especially the taste.

“If there will be a repeat order, then that’s it,” Miculob said.

Should the Davao Durian finally conquers the Singaporean market, the city government here also plans to export the exotic fruit to other foreign markets, particularly to the United States.

Right now, the Singapore market wants to buy durian in Davao during lean months in Thailand, the main supplier of durian in that country, Miculob said. Durian from Thailand and Malaysia, he said, are relatively cheaper compared to the Philippines due to their proximity to Singapore.

But due to the constant high demand and given that lean months for durian in Thailand from May to August, suppliers in Singapore are to find alternative supply from the Philippines.

Based on the data provided by the DA-11, durian production in Davao reached 26,000 tons in 2011, while Tagum City produced about 7,000 tons in 2010; 7,500 tons in 2011; and around 8,000 tons in 2012.

And his  advice to would-be durian exporters: foreign markets only need a single variety of durian that farmers here must focus on.

The Miculob durian farm is devoted to the “Puyat variety,” taste of which is similar to durian products from Malaysia and Singapore. Manila Bulletin