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Proudly Philippine made

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Has anyone been spared the terror of the gridlock in the metropolis - a huge mass of vehicles on a highway or even just a street, heaving and snorting but getting nowhere? It has become a fairly frequent occurrence, foreshadowing the ultimate urban blight: carmageddon.

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The disappointed

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The two impeachment complaints filed against President Aquino this week make for disappointing reading: Their premises are premature, their logic strained.

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Fair competition

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After more than two decades, consumers can now look forward to the benefits of fair competition - better products and services at the right prices. The 16th Congress approved early this month a consolidated version of a national competition policy first filed in the 8th Congress more than 20 years ago. President Aquino is expected to sign the bill before he delivers his State of the Nation Address next month.

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Was it much ado about nothing for the Philippine government to have asked the Singapore government to look into a racist blog that not only demeaned Filipinos but specifically told ordinary Singaporeans to do precisely that?

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Crucial to PH case

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Might this map give the Philippines the upper hand against China in the dispute over ownership of Scarborough Shoal and other islets in the West Philippine Sea?

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A mockery and an insult

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Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. took to the Senate floor on Monday to deliver what had been billed as his second privilege speech since he was implicated in the billion-peso pork barrel scam. By the time he sat down, a damaged Senate had become even more diminished: He had transformed it, in the space of a few minutes, into a videoke bar, the type frequented by seedy, swaggering politicians.

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Right thing to do

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The latest word from Malacañang is that Asian “boat people” who might wash up on Philippine shores will not be turned away.

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Rough passage

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What’s taking so long? That’s the question on the minds, not only of leaders of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, but also of minority lawmakers worried about the delay in the transmittal of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law to the 16th Congress.

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Take strategic pause

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The call for the creation of an independent truth commission that would look into the botched police operation in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, is snowballing.

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Man that got away

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Was it so long ago that we seem to have forgotten the “Hello Garci” scandal that occurred in 2004? Or have we been so snowed under by the pork barrel scam that hardly a peep is heard regarding the man who got away, the man who must feel like the luckiest in the world?

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