Martin Nievera's three decades of success sealed with a hundred bucks?

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Martin Nievera may have gotten back more than the P100 he gave a beggar boy three decades ago on his way to Folk Arts Theater for his first major concert.

Not superstitious at all, he considers it a highlight or moment that has defined who he has become in the entertainment industry for 30 years - a Platinum recording artist, a respected and sought-after host and still the reigning "Concert King" in the country.

The day was Aug. 21, 1983 when he was seated inside his car memorizing lyrics of his songs and visualizing himself on stage when a small boy approached his vehicle. Surprised, he took whatever was in his pocket, which was P100 and gave it to the boy. He described him to "literally levitated" in happiness. The boy held his hand and said "Salamat po." That moment for him could have cemented his flourishing three decades in showbiz.

"The first concert I ever did was the day I realized my dream to be a singer. All throughout my childhood I only wanted to be a singer. So pag labas ko ng stage, opening number pa lang umiiyak na ako because I can't believe it," he shared.

Three decades in show business is actually an "unbelievable feat" nowadays for any artist. Martin Nievera's career may have hit some snags and bumps along the way, but his three decades is still a huge success. .

To celebrate his three decades in showbiz, Martin Nievera is staging a solo concert aptly titled "3D (Tatlong Dekada)" on Sept. 13 , 2013 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Produced by Viva Live Inc., and Redstone Media Productions, the show will feature Rowell Santiago as director, Louie Ocampo as musical director and the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Gerald Salonga.

So what is there to expect from Martin Nievera's "3D?"

Martin said that he is going "old-school" with his upcoming concert that is why it is described as a "solo concert." The focus will be on him and the songs he sang and recorded in those 30 years.

"That's why I'll probably asked Viva if they could make this show when they promote it to put just my name the way we did back in the old days. As you can see there's not a hundred million names besides me. I really want to see, I'm really curious to see will they come for me?. Then all the other people you see on the show, would be like in my past concerts, surprise guests or bonuses," he explained.

He added that in the solo shows he did in the past, it has always been intentional not to put his guests' names. He also wished to relive the "past feel" of his past solo concerts during the heydays of his career.

"I really want to see if they'll come for me hoping that when they leave wow ang daming bonus pala...this is one show that it is almost 99.9% my songs. And if some people are looking for a new song that's sikat today or is playing on the radio maybe I'll use it in another way. Maybe I'll use that when I thank my sponsors. But basically I want to try something old school na I want to cover myself," he stressed.

He may be going "old-school" with "3D" but when it comes to the songs he would perform in his concert, Martin revealed he went modern as tweted and commented as his followers tweeted and commented on Facebook.

But of course, expect to hear his classic hit songs like "Be My Lady?" "Each Day With You," "Holiday," "Please Don't Throw My Love Away," "Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin," "Say That You Love me," "Kahit Isang Saglit," "You Are My Song," "Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin," "Forever," "Ikaw Lang Ang Aking Pangarap," "Kung Nasaan Ka Man" among others. (Manila Bulletin)