Jenny Syquia on ex Gabby Concepcion: I want to move on

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Jenny Syquia

MANILA -- Jenny Syquia, the former wife of Gabby Concepcion, only wishes to move on from "negativity" when asked about her ties with the heartthrob actor.


The 45-year-old Syquia was asked whether Cloie, her 18-year-old daughter with Concepcion, has seen her father since returning to the Philippines in June.

"In English, please!" Syquia quipped, laughing.

When prodded to answer the same question, Cloie, who was beside her mother, said, "I haven't seen him yet, but yeah..."

Cloie recently moved to Manila to start a career in showbiz. A contract artist of Viva Artists Agency -- she signed with the talent management firm last year -- Cloie has opted to go by the last name of her biological father for her screen name.

The aspiring VJ was formerly based in Sweden, along with her mother and stepfamily.

Syquia is now married to a Swedish national with whom she has a younger daughter. She separated from Concepcion in 1996 after a three-year marriage.

The 48-year-old actor is now married to Genevieve Gonzales, who is based in the United States along with their two daughters.

Concepcion has two other children from previous relationships -- KC, with veteran singer-actress Sharon Cuneta; and Garrie, with businesswoman Grace Ibuna.


Moving on

Asked whether she is open to the possibility of Concepcion and Cloie reuniting, Syquia said, "I mean, it will be inevitable."

"You know, it's been a very long time, so... It's... It would be just a nice, happy ending for everyone to put the past in the past where it belongs, and go on," she said.

Noting that "things happen for a reason," the former actress added that she intends to move past any differences she had with her former husband.

"I really believe in fate and karma and that God has a plan for all of us, and I think that if you hold negativity and if you hold bad feelings, it destroys you.

"You have to let go of those things, and move on, and I'd like to do that for myself and for everyone around me," she said.


Goodbye, Sweden

Part of "moving on" for both Syquia and her teen daughter is their plan of staying in the Philippines for good, after living in Sweden for several years.

Syquia, in an earlier interview, said that aside from supporting Cloie in her showbiz career, she is in Manila to arrange a permanent residency here for her family.

"My husband is the most supportive person of anything I want to do," Syquia said on Saturday. "So if he knows that there is anything that is going to make me happy as a person, he encourages me in every way, no matter what it is."

She added: "He knows that being here to support Cloie, seeing my family, having our younger daughter experience the Philippines is all very important to me. So he told me that we will give it a try."

While their plans of a new start in the Philippines have yet to be finalized, Cloie has high hopes -- for both her career, and being based here as a complete family.

"My dad is really supportive, and he knows everything, from the first step of me coming over here and starting showbiz. He's really supportive and hopefully he'll be joining us moving over here as well," she said.

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