Multi-Faceted Vince Tañada stars in Filmfest entry ‘Otso’

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He is a litigation lawyer specializing in annulment cases, but Vince M. Tañada is also an actor, singer, writer, and director. He is very passionate about his craft and he has proven this many times in the past 10 years through his performances in plays and musicals, which he himself wrote and directed. These works of his have always been infused with nationalistic fervor and overwhelming zeal.


For his intensity in acting, Atty. Vince has won two Best Actor awards from the Aliw Awards Foundation. The first award he earned for “O’ Moises” in 2007,” and the second, for his superb acting as a writer afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease in “Cory Ng Edsa.” In 2008, Vince also got nominated for Best Actor for “Bangkay Sa Corintho,” but his biggest dream as an actor was realized, he said, when he played the role of Ninoy Aquino in his own production company Philippine Stagers Foundation’s presentation of “Ako Si Ninoy” in 2009.

In the rock’sical titled “Joe: A Filipino Rockssical” Vince played the role of Joecas and the rock musical turned out to be a record-breaking production of PSF. In his latest work, a zarzuela titled “Bonifacio,” Vince played Andres Bonifacio, the “Father of Katipunan.”

Vince finished law at San Beda College where he has been teaching although for the past several years, ever since he established the Philippine Stagers Foundation, most of his time has been consumed by his love for the arts. Vince is president and chairman of the board of PSF which has more than a hundred member artists who are as committed as Vince in their craft.

By the way, Vince had a brief stint as acting student in New York USA before he came home to resume his theater career via “Hiblang Abo,” directed by Lou Veloso.

And now, Vince makes his first movie acting stint in Elwood Perez’s entry to the 1st Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival All Masters Edition, “Otso.” The 11 entries to the filmfest, which is under the auspices of the Film Development Council of the Philippines, will be screened in SM Cinemas nationwide on Sept. 11-17.

In “Otso,” Vince plays the role of Lex, an aspiring screenwriter who returns to Manila when he did not succeed in his attempt at a film career in Los Angeles. Back home, he intends to write a screenplay for an independent film for Director Jim (Jun Urbano). In the process, he wants to reconnect with his roots and with the city of his birth.

Also in the cast of “Otso” are Ms. Anita Linda as herself, Vangie Labalan, Jordan Ladra, Cindy Liper, Gabby Bautista, Kevin Posadas, and Monique Azerreda, among others.

“Otso” marks Elwood Perez’s return to indie filmmaking after a long hiatus. He can’t say no, he said, to his fellow director Vince. It is recalled that Elwood started writing and directing plays at the university and then on television, in the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA)-produced “Balintataw,” a drama anthology series that became the breaking ground for future filmmakers like Joey Gosiengfiao and Lino Brocka. Elwood made his independent film debut via the movie “Blue Boy,” which earned the nod of film critic Agustin Sotto III. His next film, “Bawal: Asawa Mo, Asawa Ko!” was a sleeper hit, and its follow-up, “Isang Gabi, Tatlong Babae!” started a trend, the “bold” movement and which established Elwood as a bankable director, actually one of the most sought-after directors of his generation.

His films won for him Best Director trophies as well as Best Picture awards for the producers. He has also been exhibited in various international film festivals with such movies as “My Brother, My Wife,” “The Real Life of Pacita M.” and “Silip. (Manila Bulletin)

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