Distinct worlds unite in ‘Sayaw At Serye’

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In its bid to have more people outside their usual market appreciate and enjoy the dance form, Philippine Ballet Theatre (PBT) presents “Sayaw At Serye,” which combines musical theater with classical dance and local soap opera.


In an interview attended by Bulletin Entertainment, Philippine Ballet Theater President Cha-Cha Camacho said that despite their image of living in gilded cages — being “elitists,” as some put it — many of the dancers and even the officers of Philippine Ballet Theatre actually turn on the boob tube and turn to teleseryes at night.

“Fan ako ni Ser Chief (Richard Yap of ‘Be Careful With My Heart’) and I also like ‘Annalisa.’ Their stories are so Filipino,” she said to that effect.

In a release, she was also quoted to have explained why she thinks teleserye ballet work. “I noticed some relationship issues going on among the dancers and realized that they, as with everyone, have their own teleseryes in their lives.”

One of the guest singers in the show, “The Voice of the Philippines” champion Mitoy Yonting, expressed excitement to have been given the chance to showcase his other side. Best known as biritero on the contest, Mitoy will be singing OPM songs used in teleserye that put a premium on expression and emotion over vocal range.

“It’s good opportunity for singers like Mitoy na parang coming out na rin nila sa CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines, the show venue) and with an orchestra accompanying them at that,” Camacho noted, referring to the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Gerald Salonga.

Some of the songs in the repertoire are “Ngayon At Kailanman,” “Sana Maulit Muli” and “Ikaw.” A video film will be used to add a layer to the dancing onstage.

It is said that the choreographies PBT artistic director Ronilo Jaynario came up for “Sayaw At Serye” have “complex partnering challenging all the company’s dancers: pyrotechnical yet still lyrical and emotive.”

The first half of “Sayaw At Serye” will feature excerpts from classical ballet “Romeo & Juliet” and then the new choreographies for the newly arranged OPM songs performed by Mitoy, other “The Voice” finalists, and a surprise guest.

“Sayaw At Serye” happens on Nov. 15 and 16 at the CCP Theater.

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