Justin Bieber paints graffiti to shore up ‘Yolanda’ fund drive

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After upsetting Brazilian and Columbian authorities with his street paintings recently, Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber is now using his obsession with graffiti for a good cause.


The 19-year-old pop star, along with his friend Milk Tyson, spray painted a wall in Los Angeles with the aim of raising funds for the victims of super typhoon ‘Yolanda’ (international name: ‘Haiyan’), according to report on entertainment news site TMZ.

On Instagram Nov. 18, Beiber posted a photo of his graffiti; a gray-colored clasped hand in prayer with the words “Pray 4 Philippines” above it.  Bieber signed his initials at the bottom, “JB.” The caption read: “We all can help.”

According to a report, the teen star wants to auction off the signed picture of his graffiti, along with the used spray paint cans. The money will be handed to the Philippines typhoon relief group. It said that it only his first step in contributing to the restoration of the typhoon-wrecked Visayas. Manila Bulletin