Daiana Menezes agrees to televise breast surgery

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MANILA -- Tired of being a "walking Photoshop," Brazilian model Daiana Menezes had her breast enhanced last month.



"No regrets," said Menezes about the procedure which she claimed also enhanced her physical sensitivity.


The host-model showed off her new figure at a pictorial for cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vicki Belo.


She also agreed to videotape the breast operation where silicon implants where placed under her breast muscles. It will be one of the highlights of Belo's upcoming show for The Filipino Channel (TFC).


Amid health issues, Menezes said she is not actively promoting the procedure but maintained that this is a medical choice and part of fulfilling her rights as a woman.


At the pictorial, media also quizzed Menezes about her dazzling diamond engagement ring given by outgoing Cagayan de Oro Congressman Jose Benjamin Benaldo.


How many carats? "Four," she sheepishly responded.


The couple is expected to tie the knot this year.

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