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Fil-Am Leader Rallies Global Pinoys for Good Governance

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MILAN, Italy, March 2, 2016 -- “Likened to an airplane, the Philippine economy has lifted off, but we are not yet in cruising altitude,” Loida Nicolas-Lewis says. “There is a danger for the plane to crash back down. We need 18 years of good governance, so that a culture of integrity, ethics and morality can finally uproot the culture of corruption, violence and injustice that the Marcos regime sowed over 40 years ago,” she adds. 


Many people know Nicolas-Lewis as the widow of the first African-American billionaire, Reginald F. Lewis. Not many know, however, that when she got married, Reginald was not a billionaire back then. “Reginald and I used to live in a tiny one bedroom apartment, but no matter - we were both very much in love and we supported each other’s dreams. And in America, when you have a dream and you are willing to work hard for it, more often than not, you can make your dreams happen,” recalls Nicolas-Lewis. “That is what I want to see happen in the Philippines, too. Kayang-kaya nating mga Pilipino maging first world country, but we need leaders in government who will inspire us with their integrity and compassion, and assure us that what we work hard for will not be pocketed by the corrupt.”

She has shared this message to thousands of Overseas Filipinos by now, since the first Good Governance Forum she conducted late last year. While she outlines what Good Governance can do for the country, Nicolas Lewis is also very vocal about who she thinks can deliver this kind of leadership.

“Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo are the only tandem with a track record of integrity, accountability, and transparency in their respective public and private lives.

"Mar has over 22 years experience in public service, with NO hint of corruption.  Leni is determined to continue the legacy of People Empowerment started by her husband, the late Jesse Robredo. 

"Through the servant leadership they offer, I believe that the Philippines needs 18 years of continuous Good Governance.

"Then, our Motherland would become 'a head nation' and not the tail, be the true "Pearl of the Orient".  These 18 years of Good Governance (PNoy 2010, Mar 2016 and Leni 2022 - 2028) will help our people return to a sense of decency and ethics, where the culture of corruption that was imbibed from 1965 to 2010, will finally be uprooted from our national soul.”

Since December 2015, Loida Nicolas Lewis has gone around the world (France, Austria, Philippines) to meet Filipino communities. 

Right now, Lewis is in Europe conducting the Good Governance Forum for Overseas Filipinos, which she began last year in the US. She outlines what Good Governance can do for the country, while at the same time shares who she believes can deliver this kind of leadership: “Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo – they are the only tandem with a track record of integrity and transparency.”

She has conducted Forum In North America (Illinois, Ohio, Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Pennsylvania, California, Michigan) and New York where she resides.

She also went to Dubai to speak to Filipinos in the Middle East on February 27th.  

In April, she is scheduled to visit Washington DC Massachusetts, Virginia and Canada (Toronto and Vancouver). She has just spoken to overseas Filipinos in Good Governance forums in Milan and Rome on February 28 and March 1 and is on her way to  Florence on March 3, Barcelona on March 5, Madrid on  March  6 and London on  March 10. She will then head back to the Philippines to speak at the St. Paul University Manila on March 18, 2016.

To know more about her schedule, follow her on Facebook Loida Nicolas Lewis (Public Figure) and Twitter @LoidaNLewis, or visit the website

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