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Philippine-New York Jaycees learn Real Estate 101

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A group of some twenty Philippine-New York members and friends learned Real Estate 101 from Halstead’s Associate Broker Edwin Josue on March 18, Friday night in its Park Avenue Office, Manhattan.

Associate Broker Edwin Josue is a Filipino-American Real estate broker who has been doing real estate transactions in Manhattan for about 23 years.

The Real Estate lecture was part of the Financial Education Series that the chapter is implementing as one of its Management Development area projects, providing opportunities for its members, key information in finance, entrepreneurship and business-related skills.

The Real Estate 101 particularly was aimed at helping its members learn Real Estate Investment with the focus on how to invest in real estate as first-time buyer (primary home) and as an investor (succeeding properties).

Josue outlined the basic understanding on the requirements, credit qualifying, financial commitments and provided comparisons on both rental and property purchases in a real estate transaction. He also briefed on the many types and forms of real estate properties that are available in the city.

The Jaycees learned a lot from the talk and have had take away lessons on real estate investments hedging on time.  In fact, they can easily recall how Josue shared success stories from clients who bought in the 1990s who are sitting on gold mines now from repetitive purchases to upgrades from studio to 1 - bedroom and 2 - bedroom units with increasing property values and how profitable real estate investments have been throughout the years.

The lecture over-all painted a picture of Manhattan’s ever-competitive real estate marketplace, with gentrifications taking  place, changes in zoning, availability of market opportunities, the transactional processes required from beginning to end and the real estate professionals involved in a transaction.

President Stevenson Van Derodar and Executive Vice President Romainne de Guzman Luis thanked Josue for the invaluable real estate expertise shared to the members of the Jaycees and to John N. Wolhberg, Executive Director of Sales, Park Avenue  for allowing to host the lecture at their office.

JCI Philippine-New York is a group of young men and women whose mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change in the local and global community and their own lives through training and networking opportunities.

JCI is a membership-based non-profit organization of nearly 200,000 young active citizens ages 18 to 40 with around 5,000 JCI local organizations in more than 100 countries who are engaged and committed to creating impact in their local communities.

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