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Filipino American WWII Veteran, a Bataan Death March Survivor, Joins his Fallen Comrades.

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WASHINGTON DC -- Retired U.S. Air Force Major  Jesse Baltazar of Falls Church, Virginia, a  former POW who escaped from the Bataan Death March in 1942, died on Tuesday evening, April 12, after battling complications from lung cancer. 

Baltazar was eager and about to attend the April 8 wreath laying ceremony to honor  his fallen comrades during the Bataan Day of Valor anniversary at the National World War II Memorial in Washington DC, instead he was rushed to the Bethesda Naval Hospital, according to his wife Margrit.

Baltazar, 95, was an untiring advocate for his fellow Filipino veterans who were denied full American government recognition of their military service in WW II.

He was active in the American Coalition for Filipino Veterans and the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor. He served in WW II, Korean and Vietnam wars.

Baltazar regularly attended protest rallies, testified in the congress and was an honored guest of President Obama during the Veterans Day breakfast in the White House in 2013. Baltazar  finally received his Purple Heart Medal for his 

WWII wounds in January 2015 after 70 years of persistent lobbying. He was awarded his medal by the U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno after a full military dress parade ceremony in his honor and witnessed by his peers and family.

Maj. Baltazar is survived by his wife Margrit, three sons: Thomas, Phillip, and Melchior, and two daughters: Katherine and Susan. 

Final arrangements for his memorial service and burial in the Arlington National Cemetery are being made by his family and will be announced shortly. - Eric Lachica, Volunteer Executive Director, American Coalition for Filipino Veterans, Inc./867 No. Madison St. Arlington VA 22205. Tel. 202-246-1998 


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