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Mayor Fulop Announces $94 Million in Water and Sewer Improvements Planned for 2016 by the MUA

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JERSEY CITY -- Mayor Steven M. Fulop announced April 13 that the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA) will invest $94 million on improvements to city water and sewer utilities in 2016, much of which replaces century-old infrastructure. 

“Like other urban centers around the country, much of our city infrastructure is more than 100 years old, which is why we have made upgrading these critical systems a priority,” said Mayor Fulop.  “We are investing significantly on both our sewer and water lines citywide, as strengthening infrastructure is a vital part of our continued growth.” 

For 2016, the MUA has appropriated $45 million in sewer line repairs and improvements.  The main project will be to repair deficiencies identified by the MUA’s sewer capacity study, which identified pipes in the greatest need of repair.  This work will include repairing or replacing 28,500 feet of sewer pipe throughout Jersey City.  

For 2016 and into 2017, the MUA will invest $49 million in water system improvements.  These include installing a new 8,600 foot transmission main from the south western section of the city to Newport; cleaning and lining 18,800 feet of water mains just north of Journal Square; the replacement of 30 large valves throughout the city; as well as replacing 20,000 feet of water mains in the downtown area. 

The vast majority of this work is financed by the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructural Trust (NJEIT) over 20 years at an annual rate of less than one percent interest. 

Earlier this week, Mayor Fulop announced a $9.5 million street resurfacing plan – one of the largest in the city’s history.  The project will be separated into four contracts, with work expected to begin in June and extend through the summer and fall on 71 streets, or approximately 16 miles of roadway citywide. 

From 2013 through 2015, the MUA has invested $46 million in improvements to our sewer system.  These include improvements to our West Side and East Side pump stations; replacing 4,420 feet of pipe on Newark Avenue in Journal square; 2,500 feet of pipe on 6th and 10th streets; 1660 feet of pipe on Sip Avenue; 1160 feet of pipe on Trenton Street; 1200 feet of pipe on Duncan Avenue near the Hackensack River; and 610 feet of pipe on Brown Place.  All this work was identified as critical improvements to our 100 year-old-system.  

“The MUA and our board have worked closely with the administration to proactively upgrade our aging infrastructure,” said Dan Becht, Executive Director of the MUA.  “These plans are reviewed annually with long-range planning and future development in mind.” 

From 2013 to 2015, the MUA has invested $32 million in the City’s aging Water System.  Improvements include installation of a 1,400 foot gravity water feed pipe from our Boonton Dam to the water treatment plant, thereby eliminating the use of pumps and saving $400,000 in electricity annually.  This also reduced our carbon footprint substantially.  Another major improvement was a water main cleaning and lining project in Greenville/ Lafayette areas where the MUA cleaned and cement lined 31,000 feet of water mains.   Additional projects included smaller water main cleaning and lining for improved fire service throughout the city.  We also made improvements and upgrades to our water treatment plant in Boonton and made safety improvements to our Boonton dam. - Jennifer Morrill, Press Secretary to Mayor Steven M. Fulop.

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