Fil Ams for Hillary Celebrate New York Primary Victory

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Filipino Americans for Hillary celebrated Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s win in the New York Primary Election on Tuesday, April 19 at the Sheraton Hotel along with many Democrats supporting the Secretary of State.

“Today you proved once again, there’s no place like home,” said Hillary to the cheering crowd, “The race for the Democratic nomination is in the homestretch and victory is in sight…You’ve always had my back, and I’ve always tried to have yours.  Today, we did it again – and I’m deeply, deeply grateful.”

Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won in the New York Primary on Tuesday, April 19.  Secretary of State Clinton won 58% of the New York Democrat votes while Senator Bernie Sanders received 42%.  Hillary presently has 1428 delegates committed to her to Sanders’ 1151.  She will need 2383 delegates to garner the nomination.  

Filipino Americans for Hillary New York recently re-launched at Maharlika Restaurant in New York City to galvanize support for Hillary Clinton.  Chaired by Loida Nicolas Lewis, the political group has been reaching out to the Filipino American community getting out the vote for Hillary.

“Hillary Clinton has always been attentive to the Fil Am community,” said Ms. Lewis, “In 1999, she was the first and so far the only First Lady of the White House who accepted to be the keynote speaker of NAFFA3rd Empowerment Conference.  As Secretary of State, she agreed to our suggestion in 2010 to send US observers to the Philippine elections.  She signed the Omnibus Bill in 2009 which gave lump sum payments to Filipino Veterans of WWII.  As President of the USA, she will be sympathetic to the Philippines vis a vis China.”

Hillary pointed out, “New Yorkers speak every language, worship every faith, and hail from every continent.  Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths, not a weakness.”  

Jason Tengco, Director of the Asian American Pacific Islander Outreach of the Hillary Campaign, cited that the New York Primary victory was a testament of the outreach of the Campaign, especially to the Asian American, Filipino American community.  “I am proud to be a Filipino American and to serving as Outreach Director.  I understand the needs of the community – just like Hillary does.”

Representatives of the Fil Am for Hillary NY attended the Primary Night Celebration.   “I was there last night to witness this historical event and was blown away by the high energy. It was sooo contagious!” said Jerry Sibal.

Angie Cruz reiterated that Hillary is the best qualified candidate to serve as President of the United States.  Coupled with her experience, her engagement with Filipinos has generated the admiration and affection of Filipino Americans.  

“Hillary has a proven track record of working across the aisle, and her experience as junior Senator of NY and Secretary of State has enhanced her understanding of the unique experiences of all Americans- particularly Filipino Americans and other communities of color,” said Kaleo Nadal of the Filipino American Historical Society. Kaleo also spoke at the Fil Ams for Hillary NY launch along with Nicole Ponseca and Broadway actor Jose Ilana. 

 “Last night, Filipino American Democrats stood with Hillary because throughout her decades-long career in public service, she has stood with us. We have chosen as the next President of the United States a woman who shares our values of family, strong communities, and taking care of one another,” said Aries Dela Cruz, President of the Filipino American Democratic Club of NY, “I know that if we continue to stand with her to defeat the anti-immigrant Republican nominee in November, as President she will ensure that our community, the second largest Asian group in the United States will be a visible presence in the White House. Our choice in November is clear: We need Hillary’s leadership for America.”

“There's really no place like home! New York will never abandon her and neither will she!” said Edwin Josue, “We are with her all the way to the White House!”  

There will be ongoing activities to reach out and support for Hillary throughout the general election, said Marilyn Abalos, New York Lead Organizer.  Phone banks and other events to help get out the votes for neighbor states upcoming primaries, including Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Is. on April 26th.   For more info about Fil Ams for Hillary NY, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Filipino Americans for Hillary New Jersey Lead Organizer Ginny Barahona and members were special guests at the New York Primary Night Celebration.  The New Jersey Primary Election will be held June 7th.  Deadline to register to vote in the NJ Primary is May 17th.