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Importer launches Spain-made travel blankets on Amazon

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A Filipino entrepreneur has had enough of rock-bottom priced items that seem to dominate most American stores. “Very low prices often indicate substandard quality,” says Susan Manansala President of Pluribus 1, LLC of Allentown, PA.

“It seems that consumers today are obsessed with low-ticket, poorly made products that have swamped retailers these past 10 years. Bihira ka nang makakita ng produktong [you rarely see products that are] made in the USA or in Europe. Those items may be pricier than products made in China, but you can be sure that they are better designed and more long-lasting.”

Acting on her hunch that there is a market for top-of-the-line products despite America’s “dollar store” obsession, Susan Manansala, a former copywriter from Manila, entered into a partnership as U.S. sales agent of CSC Marketing of Manchester, UK and the UAE Free Trade Zone. CSC Marketing is the authorized distributor of high-end throws or travel blankets made by Textils Mora, S.A.L. of Valencia, Spain. “Textils Mora is a leading European designer and maker of luxury-brand throws [also called travel blankets] with over 75 years of manufacturing experience,” said Manansala, unrolling a couple of Helsinki brand throws from their protective sheath and carry-on belt.

Betting on online shopping as the retail industry’s most promising sales channel, Manansala has launched the Helsinki line of throws on, so far America’s most popular click-and-buy site. According to Manansala, the product designs were “inspired by the artistic traditions of Spain, which gave the world Picasso, Gaudi, Balenciaga and Prada. The care that went into making each travel blanket reflects the craftsmanship of proud European artisans. And every Helsinki throw comes with an EQ seal of Europe Quality. Pero magugulat kayo dahil kahit na premium ang product quality [but you’ll be amazed that, despite the products’ premium quality], most buyers can afford the online sale price on”

In four designs and six fashionable colors, Helinski throws by Textils Mora make ideal gifts for the holidays and throughout the year as a balikbayan accessory on the long cold flight, warm accents to the college dorm, and as a stylish accent for the couch and rec room. “Look for Helsinki throws or travel blankets on Amazon,” Manansala advised. “Although they’ll be on the whole year, take advantage of the online sale that ends December 31st.”


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