Imee Marcos: Please forgive my pa

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LAOAG CITY -- Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos pled forgiveness for the “sins” of her father, the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, at the end of a three-day celebration of his 99th birthday in Batac City on Sunday, September 11.

“Whatever sins my father committed - he was, after all, human who made mistakes - I hope people absolve him. I hope that beyond all these issues, they would find mercy because in forgiving my father, their anger would be sated and they too would find peace,” Imee said in Filipino.

She said the family had been hurt by the outrage triggered by the plan to bury Marcos at Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig City. The plan was stopped by the Supreme Court, which is hearing arguments on whether Marcos deserves to be buried at the heroes’ cemetery.

Imee thanked the people who supported the Marcos family all these years. “If not for you, the family would have broken down. We draw our strength, our stability and our love from you all,” she said.

She described her father as a “simple member of the community who loved the Ilocano dish dinengdeng (vegetable stew), a man who loved to dance the tango, and a father who was indulgent, patient and always joking around.”

“He belonged to the best times of gentleman-politicians. We are thankful for his teaching presidency,” said Marcos’ nephew, Ilocos Norte Vice Gov. Eugenio Angelo Marcos Barba.

“When I asked mom (Fortuna, Marcos’ youngest sister) what was her most unforgettable experience with Uncle Andy (Marcos), she recalled that when she needed to be in Manila after the war, her brother came rushing to her and accompanied her from Sarrat (town) to Manila. Going to Manila that time was very difficult,” Barba said.