Jersey City Police Launch Shooting Response Team Modeled after Successful Operation Ceasefire

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JERSEY CITY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop and Jersey City Police Department officials announced the launch of a new Shooting Response Team modeled after the successful Operation Ceasefire program, which is aimed at curtailing gun violence in urban areas. 


Jersey City’s Ceasefire Unit is a squad of five detectives led by a lieutenant, with the squad working from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. – the times when most shootings occur.  The detectives work the non-fatal shootings to quickly gather evidence and criminal intelligence. The preservation of the crime scene by the first responding officers is vital to the collection of evidence and witness statements, as well as information regarding the suspect’s vehicle that may have fled the area after the shooting. 

“By establishing a unit dedicated solely to investigating shootings to gather evidence and criminal intelligence, we will have a cohesive and immediate response to these violent crimes,” said Mayor Fulop.  “Rather than to wait for information to come in from the different detective squads in the districts, this unit will work citywide on cases to bring closure and to prevent additional shootings.” 

When the team of detectives begin investigating a shooting they will be dedicated to that case for the first 48 hours which law enforcement has identified as one of the key components to the success of the Operation Ceasefire program. Should a shooting occur at a time when the unit is off, two detectives will be on call to respond and begin the investigation for the unit.  

Another key component of Ceasefire Unit is that the unit partners with patrol officers to conduct hot spot enforcement in an effort to curb street disorder and gather intelligence.  Additionally, the unit leader and his or her detectives will foster connections in the community to build positive relationships to enhance the unit’s mission.  

“By increasing our officers on patrol in the districts and placing an emphasis on community policing, our officers can work with the community to gather information to assist in these investigations,” added Mayor Fulop. 

The Operation Ceasefire program has proved successful in other urban areas, and before launching this week, Jersey City Police leadership met with officials from the Paterson Police Department to learn how their program was implemented.

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