Duterte urges gov’t officials to wear Filipino-made products

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President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday, May 22, showed off a Filipino-designed watch, which he will be wearing during his official visit to Russia.

“It’s an elegant one and I will proudly wear it as a Philippine product,” he said after his departure speech at the Davao International Airport. 

Duterte explained that the watch, from local brand Ibarra, was assembled in the Philippines although the parts were imported.

He said the person who gave it to him said Duterte can pay for it if he likes it. Duterte explained that he cannot receive gifts because it will be considered “graft and corruption.”

“Everybody in government should be wearing Filipino-made (products),” he said as he admired the watch.

“Including these shoes. I’m wearing mine. Marikina,” he said, referring to the pair of shoes made by a shoemaker from Marikina. “If we do not promote our products, who will?”

 “I like to see the generals wearing the boots of Marikina. Someday we will order all our requirements, [shoes here in] Marikina,” the President said. “All we have to do is fund them, buy them the machines.” – Inquirer.net