Anti, pro Duterte groups rally simultaneously

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Two rallies were held at Mendiola in Manila on Thursday, Sept. 21, but with different chants - one condemning the Duterte administration and the other supporting the government.

Thousands of anti-Duterte protesters positioned infront of the Mendiola Peace Arch extending to the CM Recto Avenue.

Protesters came with placards condemning Duterte’s war on drugs and alleged human rights abuses under his administration.

“Wakasan ang martial law! Biguin at labanan ang panunumbalik ng diktaturya!” reads one of the streamers in the rally.

The protesters also reenacted a scene where an alleged victim of Duterte’s drug war was seen dead on the street.

Inside the Mendiola arch, pro-Duterte supporters also hold a program where the President’s supporters speak before the crowd, mostly wearing orange shirts and caps with the name of Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada printed on it.

Police Senior Inspector Leonardo De Guzman, Police Community Precint Commader said the anti-Duterte protesters were estimated at 5,000 while the crowd at the pro-Duterte rally was at 3,000 as of 3 p.m.

De Guzman said the rally has been generally peaceful . –

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