8 Practical Things You Can Do Daily To Add More Value To Your Life

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Time to beef up your life! A lot of us live our lives all maxed out in the hype of the moment that we have forgotten to care about ourselves, and other people as well (millennials reprezent!) But that’s not exactly living life to the fullest.

If you want to get the most out of your life, it’s time to become of value to yourself (and to others!) So cue in “Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen” by Baz Luhrman because 8 indispensable pieces of advice are coming right at you:


1.) Wake up early.

The early bird catches the worm. So truistic, and yet so true. Some of us may have been born to live nocturnal lives, but the truth is, people who wake up early get a better head start in the day. You also get to enjoy a multitude of perks that come with rolling out of the bed before 7:00 am: you get to experience the world in its quiet period, you have a faster commuting time, you finish more office or school work in the day time which allows you to slow down by late afternoon and exit home before the sun sets. This will leave you feeling good day to day, motivating you to clear more tasks from your to-do list. Try it, and you’ll see that next time you wake up in the morning, you’ll be feeling more alive than feeling like P. Diddy.


2.) Read.

Read a book, read a magazine, read a newspaper, read a comic book. Just read. Reading is basically your eyes transferring data (information) to your brain for storage. The more you read, the more information you store. The more you store, the better-rounded person you become. You are both entertained and stimulated at the same time. All in all, a win-win situation for you. So keep reading and enrich yourself with wisdom. Knowledge is power, that we guarantee.


3.) Learn a new language

Learning a new language comes with so many benefits that everyone should exercise it. Medical studies show that learning a second language has positive effects on the brain, including delaying the start of many brain diseases. Those who speak languages other than their native tongues are also at an advantage because it gives you a competitive edge over others when job hunting. While learning a new language takes time and effort, the pay offs are almost limitless. So time to dust the cobwebs off the Rosetta Stone Japanese edition software you have on your computer and start learning a new language!


4.) Pick a new hobby and excel in it

Learning a new hobby, or even a new skill, is a great stress reliever. It’s also a great way to keep your brain active all the time as it offers challenges along the way. The key to getting started with a hobby is to find out what suits your interests. Are you a visual person? Videography or photography may just be your thing. Do you like music? Picking up a new instrument may do you good. There are hobbies that may require you to shell out money, and then there are those that are free. Just choose what you think you may be able to sustain, enjoy, or even excel at in the long run. Plus point: you will have something to show off to your crush, impromptu!


5.) Live healthy

American actor Robert Urich once said, “a healthy outside starts from the inside.” You won’t know the wealth you’ve gained with keeping a healthy lifestyle until you reach your golden years when you’re most fragile. If you haven’t been doing it yet, start a few changes in your daily routine: eat healthy, exercise, go to your doctor for regular check ups. Keep your insides healthy at all costs - you’re sure to reap the rewards later on in life.


6.) Start something

Now is the perfect time to start something great that you can proudly attach your name to (yes, we’re thinking legacy for you!) Write a sci-fi novel, start a blog about your newfound hobby (see item number 4), set up a business that could potentially rake in the money for you so you can finally retire at age 30 and just spend the rest of your days Instagramming about your #bossthings. The possibilities are endless; it’s really just up to you to jumpstart it.


7.) Live minimally

Less is more, and there are known benefits to embracing and owning this kind of culture by heart. Having less means having less things to worry about. We’re not saying you should scrimp on stuff to own; it’s just significantly less stressful to take care of fewer things - fewer things that have more meaning to you. You will have more financial leeway because you have fewer stuff to maintain and care for. If you have clutter build up due to your almost-limitless stash of magazines and CDs, you can get started by mounting a garage sale. That’s going to earn you money, which you can use to…


8.) Save up

We’re telling you this with conviction–there’s no better time to save than now. You should know that there are only two things constant in this world: change, and the fact that money is fleeting. You may have a few grands stashed away in your bank account, but if push comes to shove and you end up sick, or retrenched at work, you may have to dip in on your savings. That’s usually where the cycle of borrowing money at interest begins. So unless you are an heir to the Vanderbilt or Zuckerberg or Gates bank vault, you need to start saving now to guarantee a carefree future for you (and your family)..

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